Sendmail masquerading in Solaris 8

YAS (yet-another-sigh)!

Took me a while of fiddling with /etc/mail/ on a solaris 8 host before resorting to google. I simply couldn’t get it to behave properly (tacking on the domain name on all mail sent to the smart relay host).

The trick is to use the good’ol m4 ways and create a better base config than the shipped one. This is how you do it:

  1. cd /usr/lib/mail/cf  (not so obvious imho)
  2. cp
  3. Add these lines to
  1. make
  2. cp /etc/mail/.
  3. kill -HUP <the sendmail daemon PID>

make is usually found in /usr/ccs/bin/.

Stack Overflow is amazingly useful

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I love StackOverflow. Whenever I wonder how to solve a web design or programming issue, I look there first. Most often someone else have had the same question before, so it is not often I need to write an original question of my own, which is kind of a pity, since it is very rewarding to get your question read by the highly experienced people at

This time, working on further improving my game at, I was wondering how to adjust the font size of an element (with dynamic text content) so that it would be as large as possible to neatly fill a space of a certain width. One thing led to another, and I eventually came across a great post, Calculated CSS element style on the blog of Piotr Sałaciak. That’s one thing I like so much about the stack exchange, the collection of knowledge, and links to places with more information.