Get rid of fruit flies!

Have you ever forgotten a tomato in a window, or perhaps a banana skid in a not-so-well-closed container? Has it resulted in a family of fruit flies? (Also called vinegar flies)?

Do you want to get rid of them? Here’s how…

1. take away everything they can eat and lay their eggs in. This is important, since the females can produce up to 1000 eggs each day, and it takes only a week for them to hatch.

2. take a glass or metal container you don’t love that much – this will be their graveyard

3. add 2 part of something sweet, for instance honey or syrup

4. add 1 part of vinegar (guess why they’re called vinegar flies?)

5. add 1 or 2 parts of water, and make sure everything blends well.

6. Place it near the flies to see if they’re interested in the treat. The purpose is to mimic the smell of old/ripe fruit, where they prefer to lay their eggs and breed.

7. Finally, add a drop or two of washing-up liquid. This will get rid of the surface tension, making a nasty surprise for the flies when they try to land on the drink you prepared for them. They will sink to the bottom and drown.

8. wait and enjoy the show. Silly flies.


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