New ApeBroker Experience

Fabulous news! There’s now a SANDBOX in apebroker! If you don’t know what apebroker is, check it out! It’s an online game, in desperate need of more players.

You will like it if you:

  • enjoy thinking
  • like to compete
  • dig classic board-games
  • dislike action games
  • can’t stand flash animations
  • prefer 2D over 3D
  • have business tycoon aspirations

or if you have friends like the above 🙂

The game is over at and you can either create an account, or log in with facebook.

Hello world!

Hello World!

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog! Perhaps I will not post each and every day, but I promise I will post when I have something to say that I think needs to be said! 🙂

Since I just started, I can not be sure what will follow, but a safe bet is that there will be mostly techie stuff to read here. Perhaps with a personal twist… Stay tuned!