Moved to new hosting

Hello again!

I recently had some very nice experiences with gandi simple hosting (where the story tellers guild is located), which is in effect a “hosted VPS”, that is, a hosted solution, but with a private set of apache, mysql, APC and Varnish threads. Very cool indeed.

So I’m now moving this blog to the same platform.

10 minutes of work, and all appears to be working as expected.

The steps:

  1. create the vhost(s) (with/without www.)
  2. add temp /etc/hosts entries while testing
  3. mysqldump the database (I took one of the cron-generated ones that was only an hour old)
  4. copy the files from the old DocumentRoot (put -r in sftp works in ubuntu for a recursive put, which was needed due to the amount of files)
  5. verify
  6. remove temporary /etc/hosts entry
  7. update DNS records to point to the new host

To finalize, I installed the varnish http purge plugin.
Looking forward to seeing the impact on performance in google webmaster tools.

Vad hände med Lulu Carter?

Skrev nyss till Kenza och grattade på 20-års-dagen. Hon skryter(?) med 140.000 unika besökare varje dag. Hon som är ung har väl tid att skriva. Annat är det med Lulu Carter, ni vet hon med de konstiga läpparna i fyrans inredningsprogram Äntligen Hemma. Hon skrev den 2/4 att hon lever. Men vad hände sedan? Det har gått tre veckor nu!

Du som läser denna blogpost, ta även ett kik på spelet ApeBroker! (Som är på engelska, enbart, än så länge). är adressen.

Ciao! Nu blir det påsklov!