New ApeBroker Experience

Fabulous news! There’s now a SANDBOX in apebroker! If you don’t know what apebroker is, check it out! It’s an online game, in desperate need of more players.

You will like it if you:

  • enjoy thinking
  • like to compete
  • dig classic board-games
  • dislike action games
  • can’t stand flash animations
  • prefer 2D over 3D
  • have business tycoon aspirations

or if you have friends like the above 🙂

The game is over at and you can either create an account, or log in with facebook.

Massive Multiplayer online game

Hey! I just discovered the new features in the classic brain game ApeBroker! They have trophies, advanced toplists, facebook integration and more. Most recently, they added a visible marker of the companies you own shares in. That’s a nice improvement.

The game is a classic boardgame with the strict turn-based gameplay relaxed into a “number of moves per day (and person) along with a minimum time between each move by the same player”. I think this is great, because it means the game will not come to an end when someone goes for a long vacation or whatever. It’s more like in the real-world. 🙂

Check it out. There’s usually lots of games to join.

New online game!

Hi! A close friend has published a new online multiplayer business strategy board game.

The name is a bit corny: Ape Broker, but the idea is really cool. If you remember the old windows game Oil Baron from 1992, Ape Broker is based on the same idea, but instead of being strictly turn-based, and requiring the players to share the same mouse and keyboard, the new addictive game has a bunch of new features, making it playable over the internet.

For the true fans, the author has even made it possible to gamble for real money, by participating in “ante” games, where the winner gets the other players’ anted amount.

Check it out at !